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tazakhabri.com is a website that provides information about financial and business. The purpose of creating this website is to provide good information to the people. On this website, a blog post has been prepared for the readers through text content. Before writing an article, we do research on it and also we collect information from many other mediums (Youtube, Website, forms) and try to put good and accurate content from the old content available on Google so that the readers can find it. Can get correct information.

Who is the owner of tazakhabri.com?

The owner of this website is (Sujeet Kumar) who is a youtuber and has 452k Subscribers on YouTube. He has a news channel on YouTube named (Anmol sewa) and also has a website with this name. (sujeet kumar) is a resident of Bihar and he started his blog and YouTube channel while living in his village.

He believes that this tazakhabri.com website should also be taken forward so that it gets the love of the people and the right information can be delivered to the people through the blog.


What kind of information will be available on this website?


On this website you will get to read the latest information about finance and business like (Share market, Stock market, Trading, Business loan, Startup Business ETC). The information you get through this website will be helpful. To stay updated, subscribe to our website and join the group by clicking on WhatsApp so that you can read it immediately as soon as a new post appears on the website.


Disclaimer: This article has been made on the basis of some estimates and information. We are not financial advisors. If you read this article and invest in Stock Market, Mutual Fund, Cryptocurrency, then your profit will be ) And we are not responsible for the losses, hence oursInvest wisely and take advice from a financial advisor before investing.

Important Information: We do not give any kind of paid tips or advice, nor do we advise buying any stock. The information given by big publications is republished by us with more information. We also do not share any kind of misleading information. Note that we do not share any kind of tips and advice to buy any share on any of our platforms like WhatsApp Group, Telegram Group, YouTube.


Website:- tazakhabri.com

Owner Name:- Sujeet kumar

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